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kadairk's Journal

2 August
I'm in a mood to reset myself. This is probably Kadair 3.0, or is it 4.0? 3.5 perhaps?

The new me wants to be a librarian, wants to find a second relationship and has realized she is Nemo's father and needs a Dory in her life. (I've learned Nemo's father's name, but I prefer calling him Nemo's father.) The new me wants to be more fluid with gender. The new me wants to travel more.

The new me also needs a place to blog that has fewer relatives and high school friends (I love ya Facebook, but I have to censor myself there, so I can't really blog freely.)

Now, some constant aspects of me ... I don't watch tv, other than Torchwood and the occasional Doctor Who, and every once in a blue moon, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. That said, I am painfully aware of most of the popular shows, and even know who won Dancing with the Stars and American Idol despite having negative interest in these shows. I'm really not interested in tv. Really.

I have been an avid reader all my life, and that is only getting more intense. I have a very challenging reading list, and have recently fallen in love (at first sight) with Faulkner. I read The Sound and the Fury, and can't wait to read more!